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Sweat Donation is for institutes and entities — be it a School, an IT Firm, or an NGO!

Every now and then, we organize it at one of our farmers’ farm to instill awareness about organic farming practices (includes hands-on training) among city folks and showcase our rich village culture & lifestyle.

The idea here is to help out a farmer who may feel labor shortage and get urbanites acquainted with how is it like to actually do farming while helping out the farmer!

The Sweat Donation Program was eye opening for most of our children! Being deprived from the soil, they had so many questions! It's heartwarming to see our kids actively learning and enjoying hands-on farming and committing to plan trees back home.

Ananta M• Principal

Common Questions

What is Sweat Donation?
You volunteer to help a farmer in cultivating crops. It will a) give you a hands-on experience of farming, b) help you shed those extra calories!, and c) give you a kind of satisfaction you wouldn't have imagined sitting at your desk. Let's get out!
What about the clothes?
You should wear comfortable clothes (Cotton or Linen) since you will be, well, sweating a lot.

Tip: If you feel like, you should get an extra pair to change once the event is over.
Where does it happen?
Usually, in a village near Mandya town, about 100km from Bangalore. We send the exact location details (Google Maps) once you sign up. If you aren't being able to find the location, we can also send someone to the Mandya Town (you can come by a Bus or a Train) and pick you up!
What are the charges? What about the food situation?
There are no charges from our end, the farmer charges ₹300/head. The money goes straight to the Farmer, who will be letting us learn from him and his farm. The farmer utilises this money towards hosting the event which includes Shade Tents, Food & Beverages, Chairs & Tables, etc.

The farmer will treat you with an authentic, homely lunch around 1pm in his home!
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