We wanted to talk about the process we follow and a few simple precautions that you can take at home to make sure the milk stays fresh!

Organic Mandya supplies Desi Cow Milk of native/desi breeds. Unlike Regular Pasteurized milk that removes important micro-nutrients, a Whole Raw Milk (like Desi A2 Milk) needs a different kind of care to make sure it reaches to you in the freshest possible condition.  

We wanted to talk about the process we follow and a few simple precautions that you can take to make sure the milk stays fresh.

Here's the process that we follow:

  1. We collect the milk from our farmers and analyze it through an Analyzer Test (do check the image of this test result at the end of the post!)
  2. There are total 4 parameters we measure using the test and we make sure the collected milk matches our set standards
  3. After collecting the milk, we store in multiple freezers
  4. The milk then gets transported using Chiller Van to our facility near Coorg
  5. We do one more Analyzer test at our facility and make sure it matches with the previous Analyzer test done at our collection center
  6. We pass the milk through a very fine filter to remove souring bacteria
  7. The filtered milk then gets immediately chilled using a milk cooling system (BMC) at our facility
  8. We start packing the milk
  9. We ask our delivery executive to start the engine of the Chiller Van to start the cooling process to make sure the temperature stays below 2° degrees
  10. Once the temperature is below 2° degrees, we start loading the milk crates in the Chiller Van
  11. Our delivery executive starts the journey to the city and makes several drops to various distribution points across the city
  12. All our distributors are strictly told to keep the milk in an Ice Box or a Freezer right after the delivery

We have made several changes to our process in the past weeks and we are confident there are 2-3% chances of something going wrong during this. As you'd have observed, we make sure to not expose milk to ambient/room temperature for more than 10 minutes.

We know how important this milk is for you and your family. It's a peak summer and the milk we supply needs extra care from both ends.

Now, as a conscious consumer, you need to continue the cold chain as well. Generally at home, we keep refrigerator temp b/w 7-9 degrees which isn't sufficient to keep milk fresh.

We suggest two alternatives:

1. Boil the milk at slow flame after it's being delivered to you

2. If you don't want to boil right away, store the milk in a Freezer where the temperature is below 2° Celsius, right after it's being delivered

The point is to not keep milk out in the open for more than 1 hour. You can either boil it, or keep it in a Freezer.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this, would love to answer!

PS: Please find Analyzer Test Result! :)

analyzer test