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Go On a Day Outing!

Day Outing is an experiential picnic to introduce you to a Wholesome Village Culture! It's ideal for any group (friends, families, corporates) enjoy the bounty that the nature has offered us.

Relish the unbeatable taste of delicious, yum meals cooked on firewood, the good old fashioned way. Play a game or two whole also getting to know a thing or two about Organic Farming! You can go hiking if you wish to, enjoy the birds chirping at Kokkare Bellur sanctuary or enjoy traditional folk dance performed just for you
like ‘Dollu Kunitha’ and ‘Veeragase’!

Common Questions

What about the food situation?
You will be pampered with Authentic Woodfired delicacies. We will also serve traditional beverages like Majjige (Desi Buttermilk) or Desi Lemon Sharbat two times a day. We also take requests, so if you want something specific you can let us know in advance.
What about the clothes?
Please wear comfortable clothes (Cotton or Linen) since you will be out in the open doing Wholesome activities!

Tip: If you feel like, you should get an extra pair to change once the Day Outing is over.
Where does it happen?
It happens in a village near Madduru town, about 80km from Bangalore. We will send the exact location details (Google Maps) once you sign up.
What are the charges?
The cost is ₹950/head for a team of 20 people. If you are a Startup/Corporate with head count of >20, get in touch to get exclusive pricing.
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