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The Organic Mandya Story

A Visit to Mandya

Madhu Chandan, the founder of Organic Mandya, ran his own software company and was living in California. He used to come to Bangalore often where his company’s R&D center was located. Coming to Bangalore on such trips, he noticed that so many workers were from his hometown Mandya. What started to bother him was that most of these people were sons and daughters of farmers have migrated to the city for having no income in agriculture.

His visits to Mandya (which used to be one of the richest districts of India), unfolded a disturbing trend of youth migrating to cities, reduced life expectancy, and
increasing farmer suicides. 

He did some research behind the problems farmers have been facing for decades and dared to dream a different dream about his native place. Soon enough, he convinced his family and moved from the US
back to Mandya.

Madhu's Sharp Observations

Madhu made some rather disturbing observations about the widespread farming practices and how it impacted the society. Chemical-based farming had robbed the farmer of his natural competence, turned him into a consumer of chemical produce just like city-folks (in the olden days, a farmer used to grow most things he needed), and made him prone to lifestyle-related diseases that were unheard of in Rural Communities.

It was time to a) change the farming and consumption behavior, and b) for the farmer to get her due.

A farmer has to be self-sustainable, eat organic products grown in her own farm/backyard, and reap the benefits of a natural way of farming. And soon enough, Organic Mandya was born!

Formation of
the Co-Op Society

In 2014, Madhu started talking to a few farmers and introduced them to Organic Farming. He made them understand how Organic Farming uses natural means such as Jeevamritha, Natural Pest Repellants like Buttermilk and Neem Spray, and age-old techniques such as Crop Rotation, Companion Planting, etc.

He assured them that this would bring remarkable changes to their health and wealth.

Madhu started an impromptu group and inspired by his riveting talks every Monday, more and more farmers joined this group, which led to the formation of a Mandya Organic Farmers Co-operative Society. 

PS: As you can see in the picture, Madhu's first Organic Mandya Board Meeting was at a Tea Stall in the Mandya village with his friends!

Farmers of Mandya

Organic Mandya was actually formed as a marketing wing to support the Mandya Organic Farmers Co-Operative Society.

Our small movement now has become a way of life for many farmers of Mandya, and the followers of natural farming are delightfully increasing!

We have now,
-> 12000+ Farmers under the Co Op Soc
-> 7000+ Farmers in 300+ Organic Farmers Clubs spread across 270 Villages, and
-> 4500 Women Members (Farmers-cum-Micro-Entrepreneurs) across 200 Villages!

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our team

Meet the Team That Makes It Happen

Madhu Chandan

CEO & Founder

A man of resilience and infinite passion, Madhu was born in Mandya and studied Electronics & Communication Engineering at PET Engineering College, University of Mysore. He began his career as an Automation Engineer and was into designing and building automation frameworks on various tools like QTP, WinRunner, and Selenium.

Working with different companies for 15 years, he traveled the world and founded a company called Verifaya in San Jose, USA. He had everything one wishes as the product he designed for this company (a truly script free automation tool) had become a leader in the field.

But Madhu had a different dream about his native place. He convinced his family and moved from the US back to Mandya in the year 2014 to start Organic Mandya, an inspiring story that is quite well known now!

His approach of being hands-on and improving something that’s given to him is a quality that he has truly imbibed — even being a CEO of Organic Mandya, he enjoys farming and frequents between Bengaluru and Mandya.

Recognizing his achievements in Agriculture, the Central Government nominated him as a Management Committee Member of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Madhu is also a huge fan of Kabaddi. To revive the magic of this magnificent game and fill the Youth of Mandya with sportsmanship and full-on zest, he has formed 60+ Kabaddi Youth Teams across Mandya district!

Prashanth Venkatappa


Prashanth graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics followed by a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Human Resource from Bangalore University. He also holds a Post Graduation Diploma in Mass Communication. He joined as a sales executive for Retail Banking with HSBC Bank in 2004.

After a 4 year stint with HSBC, he started his own Advertising Consultancy firm in 2008 and has been servicing bigwigs like Apple, Dainik Jagran, Brigade Constructions, Adarsh Developers, and several other FMCG and real estate firms on their Creative and Outdoor Advertising Solutions for over a decade.

Coming from his ancestral village in Kunigal, he has been observing poor financial situation and daily struggle of the farmers to meet both ends. Always wanting to contribute to their hard work and provide justice to their efforts with an honorable living, he was then prompted to work as a partner with Organic Mandya by Madhu Chandan, Founder of Organic Mandya.

From Banking to Advertising to Agriculture, Prashanth is passionately delivering in all his roles. He is a marketing expert and a smart human resource motivator, who has been credited with various success stories all along his career. He is a Director of an investment firm M/s Captela Ventures Pvt Ltd, Bangalore and has joined the Board of Directors of the Company with effect from December, 2018.

Prasanna TS

VP, Production

Prasanna has studied BE from PES College of Engineering and did a Diploma in Industrial Safety (DIS).

As a Director, he takes care of Productions at Organic Mandya.

Having more than a decade of experience in Operations, he has worked with reputed organizations like Go Go Exports, Gokak Textile, and Raymond’s. He left a Government job at UAS, Bangalore to work with us.

Prasanna is also an Associate Member in the Institute of Engineers (AMIE) and has been helming our initiatives and efforts to rejuvenate rural households and a reason why we have been able to expand our presence across villages in the Mandya district.

He has been managing the merchandising, the QC, and the Warehousing teams making sure our produce reaches to you in a safe and sound manner.

A family man at heart, Prasanna has a joyous personality and loves spending time in his village in Mandya.

Sahana Hegde

VP, Merchandising

Sahana literally brings that infectious energy to the room. She has worked with a slew of MNCs in her career spanning almost two decades. Her last stint in the IT industry was with the Fidelity Investments.

She is a passionate advocate of Product Quality and Customer Experience as a set of invincible keys to creating lasting social impact as well as commercial value.

Her Ikigai is to treat “Customers as a Queen!” At Organic Mandya, she contributed to various roles. Under her presence, Desi Milk made inroads and our retail stores have grown tremendously.

She is now heading our Merchandising Unit to ensure we bring nothing but the best to you!

Manish Sinha

Head, Desi Milk

Manish is a seasoned software testing professional with 15+ years of rich & extensive experience in Software testing best practices, Testing Leadership, SDLC, STLC, Test Planning & Strategy, Requirement Gathering and Analysis, Test Management Tools.

Manish was one of the first few to believe in our mission when we had just started. He took our supermarket franchise in Bangalore and even today oversees the store in Kasturi Nagar!

He has worked with various multinational companies like Philips, EDS, Amazon and HP across the globe. After quitting his software career, Manish joined us as a Head of Dairy. He believes in motivating people to do their best, drive the team towards a common goal, meet customer expectations, and achieve overall goals and objectives.

In his current role, Manish has been managing Desi Milk unit and has overseen our expansion to Mysuru. In a short span, taking cues from his expansive Software Testing Career, he has made the process of delivering milk to your home quite a smooth affair and we are glad for that!